Frequently Asked Questions.

Who works at YOYO Studio?

Although I use the terms ‘we' or 'our’ sometimes, its really just because saying ‘I' or 'my’ sounds too weird. My lovely friends and family do give me a hand if I’m busy, and I usually make the kids come to the post office with me. But generally it really is just me, drawing, updating the website, printing and packing orders and trying to get to grips with social media. If it interests you, you can read more about me here.

Do you do the framing yourself then too?

Ah, well no. I send the prints to a fantastic local company who make each frame individually and then send the framed print onto you. They are experts at what they do. I am an illustrator, not a framing expert.

It will take them an extra 6-8 days to make up your frame so please factor this into your timescales.

Don’t the frames break in the post?

No, like I said they are experts at what they do and that includes packaging and posting the framed prints. They use acrylic safety glazing rather than traditional glass, which doesn’t break and won’t break in your children’s rooms either! Win win!

Why cant framed prints be sent abroad?

It just wouldn’t be worth the cost or insurance to send framed prints out of the UK so they can only be bought if they are going to a UK address.

Where Can I buy nice frames?

If you are buying your prints unframed you have a huge selection of places where you can buy a frame exactly to your tastes. The prints are all standard sizes A4 or A3 so it’s really easy to pick up frames on the high street or have them framed professionally by somebody local to you. That said, I’m a fan of Ikea frames, cheep and cheerful! I also like John Lewis, for thin wooden and contemporary styled frames.

Can I buy the prints in other sizes?

At the moment I only offer A4 and A3 sizes, if you did want a different size please let me know and I’ll certainly do my best to help.

I like one of your prints but I’d like to have it in a different colour or shade is that possible?

I can alter the colours of some of the prints so please let me know if that is something you would like but I cannot promise to match it to the colour of your curtains! If you see a specific colour on one of my other prints I’m happy to change it to a colour or shade I already use. No harm in asking! Email me: helloyoyostudio@gmail.com

I'm really very nice and usually a bit too eager to help so if you have any more questions or would like to ask something specific just send me an email: helloyoyostudio@gmail.com

Emma x